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Complete solution

We offer a compact range of products for operation of drink and snack machines on the market.

Innovative approach

We follow trends and look for new solutions.

High quality products

High quality of all aspects of products is our highest priority.

Vending experience

We use earned knowledge and are always eager to learn something new in order to make it available for our clients.

Provendia a new player on the vending market since 2015. Our team consists of professionals who are present in vending business circles for many years. Therefore, we believe we are able to find and offer the best solution and a large variety of products to our business partners in order to fully satisfy their forever recurring customers.

Above all, we arrange sales of drink mixtures, coffee, milk products and also snacks by NUTREND as well as READY TO DRINK drinks intended for vending machines from distinguished suppliers. Complete selection of supplements necessary for preparation of drinks is also a consistent part of our offer. Last but not least, we are a significant business and sales partner of professional vending technology BIANCHI VENDING – professional drink and snack machines.

Since the beginning, the main aim of our everyday work is to fulfill expectations of vending operators. It is also to supply an attractive portfolio of products, services and to offer professional drink and snack machines in the highest quality possible including specialized service and consultancy. We are proud of our individual approach regardless of the quantity or customer’s conditions. All our efforts are aimed to reach the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

We not only sale individual products but our service also includes constructive recommendations of final composition of drinks in machines as well as searching of new possibilities and direction leading towards an attractive offer for the end customer. For our clients, we intensively follow vending market trends not only in Central Europe. The gained knowledge is then carried over to development of new drink mixtures, to supplement offers and other areas which lead to operator’s ability to reach better performance of their machines.

In close cooperation with our partners, we are constantly working on new products, categories of drinks and above all we are looking for new, modern directions which correspond not only with trends of these days but also Czech legislature regulations as well as EU’s.

Products – brand oVe

Original products made under the brand name oVe correspond with demanding food standards and are subject to multiple quality checks from input base material to a particular final mixture. All mixtures are packaged in a triplex sheet which is suitable for contact with food and ensures 100% quality of products until their expiration date. An attractive design of oVe brand with its creative colorful combinations (every category of drink has its own particular color) makes orientation in product portfolio easier.


The essential part of each and every drink vending machine. Your choice from our portfolio will be guided only by your preferences.

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Cocoa drink

Pleasant touch of all customer’s taste buds. Let your clients indulge in a delicious drink that brightens up their day.

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Be original in your beverage offer in your vending machine. Let your customers enjoy the variety of flavors while drinking one of the favorite drinks of this era.

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Milk and milk replacements

An integral part of milk specialties preparation is in your vending machine. Use our experience and recommendation to reach high quality beverages comparable to those in prestigious cafés.

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Tea and tea drinks

Make you feel warm and refreshed in every season.

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Milky shake

Usage variety of these mixtures is endless. Fully open out potential of this category of products. Create unique combinations your customers will adore and will come back for them to your vending machine.

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Let your customers sweeten their lives.

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Special line of products intended especially for school vending – complying the conditions of the new “treat” public notice.

We are proud that Provendia s. r. o., in cooperation with our partners, was the first company on the market in 2016 that introduced a whole line of mixtures that fulfill the conditions of tolerable amount regarding the so-called Treat public notice created by The Ministry of Education.

Thanks to this new line of products we offer an option to keep our customers’ vending machines in elementary schools and combined grammar school.

If you are interested in being included among the mentioned operators, don’t hesitate and call us.

We’ll be happy to recommend the composition of drinks, help you to clearly explain the new school public notice and together we’ll find a way to offer the pupils high quality beverages.

Fully use potentials of snack machines and broaden your offer with premium quality beverages and unrivalled line of snacks from NUTREND DS corp.

Pfanner drinks

Beverages from Pfanner in your vending machine will certainly interest the consumers. You’ll find only “best sellers” in our selection of products as well as very attractive delivery conditions. These beverages are of the highest quality including 2 brand new specialties on the market PURE TEA – BIO tea beverages.

Rauch drinks

One of the latest specialties of this category is RAUCH 100% juice Orange 200ml and RAUCH 100% apple cider 200ml. Beverages full of fruit in a practical packaging are an ideal option not only for vending machines at schools and similar selling points.

Nutrend snacks

Chosen portfolio of exclusive snacks from Nutrend will surely finds its place also on the vending market. We picked only the best products that will address many customers preferring quality and modern life style.

Supplement products

Competition on the market is high and to be an interesting and a reliable operator for consumers is frequently essential. Therefore, we are offering a colorful variety of cups and other products that will ensure you a problem-free preparation and hand out of drinks from your vending machine.


Based on our experience in this area we can recommend and offer products from Czech producer DOPLA PAP a.s. who is the long-term assurance of quality.

You’ll surely appreciate a wide variety of our selection of paper cups especially then VENDING PROF PAPER cups. They offer a unique solution for your vending machine, have excellent mechanical qualities and above all an exclusive price-performance ratio.


High quality plastic lids, fully compatible with the paper cups, can widen your selection with a “coffee to go” option. They perfectly hermetically seal your beverage and keep it in a required temperature for longer.

Lid holders

High quality custom made plastic lid holders can be very easily attached to a vending machine. They are very handily refillable at the top part and a high quality cuff at the bottom ensures an easy service and problem-free lid release.

Stirring sticks

High quality plastic stirring sticks intended for contact with food.

Bianchi vending professional technology

We are proud of belonging into “a family of official distributors” of Bianchi vending and we can therefore offer you a complete selection of professional vending machines from this world-renown trade mark.

We will be happy to help you with picking a right machine for you, look after the sale and also we’ll provide an utmost advisory cooperation during the installment and following operation of the machine.

Providing spare parts is a matter of course as well as a professional assistance while replacing them and flexible solutions of possible claims.

For more information about Bianchi vending, offered selection of machines and important contacts see our new web site


The sale of products or machines is not the end of the road for us… on the contrary…

Our present or newly coming customers are perceived as our long-term business partners and therefore we ultimately help them to reach their success on the market.A vending machine is, in many ways, an “uncertain” experience for most of consumers. They are subjected to a situation when they would like a beverage but are unsure about the used ingredients, quality of the final drink, etc. These aren’t the only reasons why we see the communication on vending machines as one of the key aspects of creating a feeling of safety and an impulse to try new products from the machine.

We offer creative communication materials to our clients that serve to these particular objectives – to explain and sell new or already existing products and ensure them about their right decision.

Original design of machines

Use our creativity, interesting ideas and “dress” your machines into attractive outfits. Lasting experience shows the look sells. Therefore, there is no other way how to bring a customer to your vending machine less simple than to draw their attention at first sight.

After a consultation with us, we’ll suggest and carry out a production of a new design of your machine which will correspond with its surrounding.

Production of key buttons

Use our offer to prepare and create not only names for the key buttons (of final drinks) but also a graphic process with a possibility of variable space for your price and other parameters according to your own specifications.

Introducing new specialties in your machine is a given, and they always differ in an interesting way from other beverages.

POS materials – stickers and wobblers

Introducing new drinks/ snacks in the machine by a different key button is the least we can do for you. Is it truly enough for drawing customers’ attention to the new produ
We trust it is not!
Therefore, we’d like to provide you with other materials such as stickers and wobblers that ensure bigger visibility of new products and that way increase its chance with consumers and its potential success of the product on the market.

Consultant service in beverage mixture area

We are aware that every machine has its limitations in a number of cartridges and therefore limitations in a drink offer for consumers. Nevertheless, even here there is room for wider, more attractive portfolio of products and we know how to find it.

We know our beverage mixtures very well and we’d be happy to tell you how to combine them in order to reach unique coffee specialties which will help you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Contact us and let yourself being surprised by recommended drink mixtures which will address even the most demanding consumers.

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