We are Provendia

We are Provendia

Coffee is one of the world’s best-selling commodities. Most of us can’t imagine a working day, holiday, or weekend without it. Yet few people know how to prepare it to perfection. At Provendia, we know the secret to delicious coffee that captivates people’s taste buds. It’s more than simply the quality of the beans; it’s also the technology, the preparation process, and the quality of the water.

We’re ready to pass on our 20+ years of know-how in vending and coffee beverage preparation to you, our business partners and vending operators. We are a trading and manufacturing company, and with a smile on our faces and in our logo, we’ve been offering everything for PROfessional VENDing under the Provendia brand since 2015. From vending machines and coffee makers, to beverage mixes and coffees, to vending equipment integration and service, we’ve got you covered. 

Our headquarters is in the Czech Republic – in Lelekovice, only about 6 km from Brno, but we supply beverage and vending machines, coffee machines, and coffee to vending operators all over the Czech Republic. We have external logistics and storage centres in Modřice, Brno, Olomouc, Lelekovice, and Prague. Our capacity is about 5.5 thousand pallets in total. We also supply refills and accessories for vending machines abroad

We use external production capacities in the Czech Republic and Germany for the production of our own products (coffees and beverage mixes for vending machines): 5 production plants, 8 mixing lines, and 12 packaging lines. We have our own recipes, for which we buy the raw ingredients ourselves. Our high demands on quality have led us to source our raw ingredients mainly from Germany and carefully carry out input analyses. We sweeten only with sugar, without the use of any artificial colours or sweeteners. We adjust the flavours according to the taste preferences of our customers in the target market. Even the mechanical quality of our coffees and beverage mixes for vending machines are outstanding.  

Why work with us?

We help our vending partners make more profit from selling refreshments in the coffee niche:

  • We understand the tastes of people in the target market.
  • We know how to properly combine the menu layout in the vending machines.